Uplift Me Palo Santo & Lavender Bundle

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Palo Santo has been used to treat stress and clear stagnant or negative energy for centuries in South America. With its natural essential oils, Palo Santo also offers a pleasant woody aroma making it a lovely form of incense. Combined with the harmonious and peace inducing properties of lavender, the Uplift Me bundle was created to help invite a more relaxing environment. 

Sticks measure approx. 4" x 0.5" in size. 

Note: You can choose to take apart and burn 1 stick at a time or keep bundled and burn together.

Palo Santo wood sourced from a certified ethical origin. 


Try pairing with our concrete trays made by Awkward Auntie! 

The longevity of this smoke bundle is dependent on how often it is burned. Please take care when lighting fire and refer to our how to use instructions here