What exactly are dried and preserved flowers?

Dried and preserved flowers have a much longer lifespan than fresh blooms if displayed in the right conditions and require very little maintenance. However, there are some slight differences between the two which involves the method of drying out and their appearance. 

Dried flowers are dehydrated typically by air drying upside down in a cool and low lit area for a certain amount of time, usually up to a few weeks. Once the drying process is complete, the leaves and petals appear wrinkled or shrunken down and the colors are a bit more faded. The outcome creates beautiful earthy coloring with very delicate stems. 

Preserved flowers contain a specific chemical (glycerin) that replaces the water of the stems resulting in a long lifespan. The original appearance of the flower is able to remain the same and they tend to be more flexible than dried stems. We like to mix both dried and preserved stems together and love that they are a sustainable option to fresh flowers. 

How do you care for dried and preserved flowers? 

When you receive your package, you will receive a care card with tips on how to maintain your everlasting florals. Here are the steps below: 

  • Keep florals bound together & gently fluff up to look full.
  • Dried florals do not need watering, keep away from moisture.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. 
  • Keep away from humidity - display in a cool place. 
  • Cut down stems to fit in vase of choice if needed. 
  • Keep in mind, it is normal for some dried stems to shed. Simply wipe up and discard.

What are smoke sticks? 

Smoke sticks are bundles of herbs or leaves bound together usually with twine or cotton string. They are commonly referred to as smudge sticks, however, out of respect for the native and indigenous people who have practiced the spiritual ceremony of smudging for centuries, we've opted to use the term "smoke" instead. Smoke sticks can be used for cleansing an environment of unwanted energies when burned or simply as incense. At Ritual Stems, we enjoy adding dried stems to smoke sticks to add color and beauty. 

How do I use my smoke stick? 

When you receive your package, you will receive a care card with tips on how to use your smoke stick or bundle. Here are the steps below: 

  • Hold one end of the stick, light the other.
  • Let burn for a few seconds or until embers become visible. 
  • Gently blow out fire and begin to wave around stick while walking throughout your space or remain in one area - whatever you prefer! 
  • Let the stick rest on a heat proof plate, bowl, or container. 
  • Optional: Open a window to let out smoke.

Where do you source your stems? 

Flowers are sourced from floral distributors with high quality stems that come from all over the world like Holland, Japan, France, and other major flower producing countries. Herbs and leaves for smoke sticks are sourced from farms in the U.S. that practice ethical harvest standards. Palo Santo wood is sourced from a wholesaler with certified ethical origin practices. 

How can I order a custom arrangement?

We love designing arrangements that cater to the specific needs of our customers. You can send an email to hello@ritualstems.com and from there we will send a few questions in order to understand what you're looking for. Custom orders can include a vase or you can receive without a vase if you wish to use your own. Ask us about arrangements for weddings, events, retail, etc.! 

Do you offer wholesale?

Not yet since Ritual Stems is operated solely by our founder Amalia. We don't have the capacity to manage large orders. However, as the brand grows we will definitely consider wholesale.