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Our Mission

At Ritual Stems, we are more than flowers - our mission is to tap into the beauty found in the world around us in order to craft joy that is naturally sourced, feels intentional, and empowers our community.

 Inviting happiness in one stem at a time.


Ritual Stems is an online destination that brings radiant florals, energy cleansing smudge sticks, and timeless housewares into your home. My curated collection is a myriad of colors, aromas, and delicate décor meant to outfit your home in a way that elevates both your space and your mood.

Ritual Stems provides a contemporary reflection of the beauty found naturally in the world around us. Ritual Stems is guided by the enchanting philosophy that flowers bring happiness and a sense of calm to everything in their aura. My collection of dried floral creations and handmade homewares are intentionally crafted for this purpose. Whether you’re looking for a custom arrangement to gift a loved one or a carefully curated design for your home, Ritual Stems can help you make a statement that feels as good as it looks.

Ritual Stems is my happy place and I hope that you enjoy browsing the shop and find ways to incorporate my products into your everyday wellness rituals. I proudly source all of my stems from the best floral distributors and handpick my housewares from women and BIPOC owned brands. I have a deep appreciation for small businesses and it’s my pleasure to use my shop to celebrate the unique craftsmanship and quality that can only be sourced from true artisans.

Thank you for passing by. Ritual Stems is here to add happiness to your life, one stem at a time.

With love,